Lila is another rescue that we got from Our Pal's Place. She joined our family on December 12, 2011, and we've had our hands full ever since! We enjoy spoiling her rotten and, even though she graduated from intermediate training at Pet Smart, she has trained US quite well!

Lila is full of spirit and loves everybody! Maybe a bit too much, actually. She's been known to knock small kids over for a good licking now and then, and she doesn't usually take no for an answer. She enjoys long walks, racing on the track she's worn in the backyard, watching for/chasing "whoozits" (a.k.a. squirrels and chipmunks), licking, Ms. Ellen, Ms. Carrie, chewing on Jeff, eating Greenies, heavy-duty squeak toys (especially if you get on the phone), surveying her kingdom from her perch on top of the stairs (both inside and out), and cuddling on the only chair she's allowed on (eh hem). Most of all, though, she loves playing "Dot", which is done by shining a flashlight on the floor and letting her chase the light.

Lila demands a lot of attention and often summons us by nudging a tennis ball from the top of her inside perch and letting it bounce down the stairs. She hates vacuum cleaners, horses, camels (as in the Geico commercial..."Mike, Mike, Mike!") cats, and "whoozits". There are some scenes in movies she finds disturbing, as well, such as the 3-headed dog in Harry Potter. She registers her displeasure at seeing animals on commercials or on Animal Planet by whining and "talking", which we hope to get on video soon.

There must be a lot going on it that head of hers, because she dreams a lot...and loudly. She also snores like an old man.

Lila is a smart, affectionate girl, and we are so happy she is part of our family.


Polly passed away August 2, 2008. She was our first "kid" and even though she destroyed our furniture and our carpets, putting her down was the hardest thing I have ever done. A bit of executioners guilt, but she was not doing well in the end and it was time. She had a very rare disease, similar to Cat Scratch fever in humans. It forced her liver to become three times its normal size and she was having trouble with using the bathroom and eating. When she wasn't too interested in her food we knew this was a serious problem.

We had our good times and our bad times with her and I really miss her and miss seeing her laying around in her favorite spots around the house. Jared still talks about her and asks why she can't come back, but we just tell him that she is in a happier place now with unlimited supply of food and her own sofa to stretch out on.

To sum up Miss Polly, she likes to eat and sleep, especially on the furniture. When we played with her at the pound, she acted like she wanted to play ball and run around, but once we got her home she turned off the facade and hit the couch.

She did enjoy going for walks as well, but it was very frustrating for us because she was so slow. She wanted to stop and smell everything. I guess we should all learn a lesson from that, stop and smell the roses per se.

Rest In Peace Miss Polly, we miss you!!


Foreward.....Unfortunately, the cancer reached Bailey's brain and we had to make a very hard decision, that it was time. He passed away 10/07/2010. I believe this was one of the hardest day of my life thus far. He was the most loyal, loving dog in the world. Rest In Peace Bailey, I miss you so much!......

Bailey is the best dog a person could have as a companion. He is the most loyal dog and almost never does anything to get you mad. He likes to finish up Jareds meals and attack other dogs (anti-social), but other then that he is great and we are so happy that we saved him.

Unfortunately, we had to make a decision on his future and it was the hardest decision I have personally been faced with, until we had to put Miss Polly to sleep. This page is dedicated to him and we plan to write a little story about his life and provide you with lots of pictures.

Bailey began to have some growths under the skin on one of his legs. We decided to have it removed and analyzed. Unfortunately, the growth turned out to be mass cell cancer. It was recommended that we take him to UGA to the verternarian school for radiation and treatment.

Once we discussed the situation with a verternarian, we decided that it was not practical to take him to Athens three days a week, spend approximately $5,000 and put him through all this. Not too mention we have a young son to watch over.

We saved him from a rescue in 1999 and felt that the best course of action with this news was to provide him with the best life we can offer and make sure that he does not suffer.

For some reason, both of my dogs do not like to do dog like things; no frisbee, throwing the balls, so the only thing we could get these dogs to do was go for a walk or in Bailey's case run.

The hard part about loving your dog is watching their demise. Bailey used to love going for a run with me, but he can no longer do that. We try to take him for walks, but those walks are getting shorter as well.

When Polly passed away, you could tell he was sad, but on the same token he was able to eat in peace and have his bed instead of Polly jumping in it. He also went on a hunger strike demanding a better quality food, so of course we gave in and he is back to eating his meals without any trouble.