Backpacking Expeditions!

Each year since 2002, Two of us take a trip out west to backpack through some our countries most beautiful wilderness. We first started off with National Parks, but have begun to head out into designated wilderness areas and soon we will be leave the country to backpack in other countries. One year, as part of our training for this annual trip, we decided to hike all 87 miles (including the approach trail to Springer Mountain) of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. We did it in three grueling weekends. The first weekend we did two 20 mile days with full packs.

During the year we try to get out and train in the Cohutta Wilderness of North Georgia, but over the past year we have picked up another weekend hobby that takes a good bit of our time, road cycling. So now we are faced with making the decision of which one we want to do. To top that off we also volunteer for the U.S. Forest Service to help maintain the trails we use to train on.